Obelisk the tormentor vs torrential tribute rulings

Dont believe the rest, here is the true effects obelisk the tormentor divine level 10 divinebeast effect atk4000 def4000 effect. Obelisk the tormentors immunity to summon negation and targeting. Its one of the most powerful flip effect monsters ever created, and a great. As long as the card does not say select or if it says target. His corresponding duel monsters card is obelisk the tormentor. Lore who is stronger between obelisk the tormentor and exodia. Thanks for watching, i hope you enjoyed the video and that you learnt. The effect of obelisk the tormentor that prevents cards and effects from being activated when it is normal summoned only applies at the time it is successfully summoned. However, when you finish resolving the chain, the last thing to resolve is the tribute summon of obelisk the tormentor, so the effect of obelisk the tormentor is applied and the effect of sangan does not activate. The original obelisk is the one that you cant use it in official duels, so technically not legal. The first time as the illegal obelisk the tormentor, the second time as the legal obelisk the tormentor.

When the winged dragon of ra is normal summoned, paying life points to increase its atk is an optional effect that activates. Obelisk is one of the three egyptian gods, alongside the winged dragon of ra and slifer the sky dragon, in the original yugioh. If this card is special summoned, it is sent to the graveyard during the end phase. Obelisk the tormentor effect monster any new stuff on him just got the jump with him in it. Obelisk the tormentor, giant god soldier of obelisk, god of obelisk origin. Fissure, torrential tribute cant be used against obelisk s own. Obelisk the tormentor alternate art tn19en007 prismatic secret rare limited edition.

To summon obelisk the tormentor, you must tribute 3 monsters it is. Obelisk the tormentor gbi002 worldwide edition promos promo edition secret rare 3. When tribute summoning obelisk the tormentor, you cannot choose to set it in facedown defense position. Legacy of the duelist adalah game pc, xbox, dan ps4. I dont know for sure it does this with the other god cards, but obelisk the tormentor cannot be destroyed by effects such as dark hole and jeweled red dragon archfiend in game. Yugioh winged dragon of ra vs diabound japanese hq youtube. Amazons choice for yugioh card obelisk the tormentor. What is the card code for obelisk the tormentor answers. He also pulls fun tricks with hardened armed dragon. Obelisk the tormentor, also known as god of the obelisk is one third of the powerful trio of duel spirits known as the egyptian god monsters.

For the composition, see obelisk the tormentor composition. Obelisk the tormentor vs slifer the sky dragon vs the winged dragon of ra are names of cards in the show, yugioh. What is your favorite yugioh deck to use just for casual matches. Ocg rulings the text you must tribute 3 monsters to normal summon this card you cannot set this card. When this card is normal summoned spells, traps and effect monster effects cannot be activated, this card cannot be be targeted by card effects. Then use the effect of malicious to summon another copy and then tribute all three to summon obelisk the tormentor. Tributing two monsters is a cost to activate the effect which destroys all monsters on your opponents field obelisk the tormentor may tribute itself to. Protection against summon negation is great for a 4000atk boss monster. Obelisk the tormentor ygldeng02 yugis legendary decks limited edition ultra rare. When normal summoned, cards and effects cannot be activated. This card works considerably well in six samurai and blackwing decks. Once per turn, during the end phase, if this card was special summoned.

Obelisk the tormentor you must tribute 3 monsters to normal summon this card you cannot set this card. When there are five monsters in your graveyard, use soul charge to summon those monsters, and then tribute three of them for obelisk the tormentor. Obelisk the tormentor tribute disturbed enough youtube. Obelisk finds his best home in a zombie world deck, which can quickly generate him tributes for his summon prezombie world or his revival post zombie world. If someone has the time and gets inspired by this please make a strategy guide in the strategy area based off my deck ideas to make the egyptian gods playable. Jumpen037 from shonen jump magazine is a totally game legal version of obelisk the tormentor and can be used in tournaments. Obelisk the tormentor vs slifer the sky dragon vs the. For the character, see obelisk the tormentor character.

Obelisk the tormentor is not banned, you may use three in your deck. Torrential tribute on his own summon to destroy my obelisk the tormentor. Obelisk s effect states that he cannot be targeted by spells. Requires 3 tributes to normal summon cannot be normal set. This effect does not prevent cards and effects from activating for the rest of the duel, so after obelisk the tormentor has been successfully tribute summoned, cards and. To summon obelisk the tormentor, you must tribute 3 monsters it is treated as a tribute summon. Neither player can target this card with card effects. Yugioh card explanation obelisk the tormentor youtube. The arabic, croatian, greek, hebrew, hungarian, slovak, thai andturkish names given are not official. It means that cards like torrential tribute cannot be activated, but on the same turn, something like mirror force could be activated. Obelisk the tormentor, giant god soldier of obelisk, god of obelisk gender. Obelisk the tormentor invincible card rulings and card. The effect to send itself to the graveyard during the end phase in which this card is special summoned starts a chain. Obelisk is one of the three egyptian god cards, alongside the winged dragon of raand slifer the sky dragon character statistics.

The alternate artwork version of this card is obelisk as he appeared in the dawn of the duel arc. The pharoah calls upon the egyptian god obelisk to duel off against diabound. Can egyptian god cards be effected by spells and traps after they. For the nonlegal card, see obelisk the tormentor original. Terdapat seri campaign yaitu petualangan seperti di animenya. In todays video, 10 facts you need to know about obelisk the tormentor. Obelisk the tormentor, known as obelisk the giant god soldier in the japanese version, is a character version of the card obelisk the tormentor, in the yugioh. The original print was never actually legal in the first place, it. These are so far the best builds i can think of to make them work.

I know mst destroys ancient city rainbow ruins if it is placed on the fields even if there is a crystal beast in the spell and trap card zone. What is the the legal and original obelisk the tormentor. Thats the legal effect monster print from shonen jump. Obelisk the tormentor is a great choice for our cotd anniversary.

The text is written so he cannot be shortcut with mausoleum. Like the person before me said lighting vortex torrential tribute fissure any car that does not target for example sakuretsu armor would not work but mirror force would. I have an obelisk the tormentor and am wondering because of this. To summon obelisk the tormentor you must tribute 3 monsters. A good combo to use with the effect of obelisk the tormentor is to include cards that can be special summoned easily therefore getting monsters on the field to activate the effect of obelisk to tribute two monsters to destroy all of your opponents monsters. But with today gameplay and staples, 1 dark hole, 2 mirror force, 2 torrential tribute, it can be destroyed, 4000 is cool but you cant negate your opponent next turn. Sealed play battle kit 2 obelisk the tormentor unboxing. Liked by view all give a shout out if you print this thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. Obelisk is also on the same tier at least as blue eyes who casually goes around nuking townscities in the memory arc obelisk blue eyes. I want to know if blast stream of destruction can destroy it. As you can see there is no effect printed on the card but just some text describing the monster itself.

This page notes details of obelisk the tormentor divinedivinebeasteffect monster. Ocg rulings this card cannot be normal summoned or set except by tributing 3 monsters. He is one of the most powerful monster spirits, the egyptian gods. Your opponent cannot use bottomless trap hole or torrential tribute, even if you destroy no monsters. Even though obelisk requires 3 tributes to normal summon it, it can still be special summoned from your hand or deck through certain card. Obelisk the tormentor is the most powerful card youll likely ever see in. Defeat chaos max dragon if i used torrential tribute to destroy all monsters on the field when blue eyes chaos max dragon is summoned would that destroy it or not. Dark hole, torrential tribute, bottomless trap hole, and raigeki less of. Cannot be targeted by spells, traps, or card effects. I have looked at many websites over which is the most powerful and it is clear from the show that, the winged dragon of ra is the most powerful.

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